YAK FACE played by Tok (Sean Crawford)


Though many called him Yak Face, this being's true name is believed to be Saelt-Marae, though no one knows for sure. Like his fellow Yarkora, Saelt-Marae is a secretive being, giving little insights into his motivations or true background. Saelt-Marae posed as a trader who specialized in locating and selling religious artifacts from primitive cultures. He immersed himself in the intrigues of Jabba's court and ingratiated himself with Jabba's henchmen, who didn't know that Saelt-Marae was an informant, selling Jabba information about the intrigues developing behind the Hutt's ample back. The whiskered biped stands about 2.2 meters tall, has three-clawed hoof-like hands, and says very little. He accompanied Jabba the Hutt's entourage into the deserts in the ill-fated attempt to execute Luke Skywalker. Aboard Jabba's sail barge, this alien forced C-3PO to translate an argument between him and Ree-Yees, which quickly deteriorated into a drunken brawl.





The squabble between Yak Face and Ree Yees which was filmed and seen in the original showing of Return of the Jedi has been cut from the new DVD Trilogy film version. But stills from the original footage can still be viewed on the Special Features disc.





  Old figure out of the box and hungry for love!

Original 1985 Yak Face figure was the only figure in the entire Kenner collection to be carded on a Canadian Power Of The Force card, though there is no definitive proof that it was ever sold in Canada. It was also packaged for the European market on the Tri-logo card. This figure was never domestically available in the United States.
Comments: Yak Face will always be a famous and sought after Star Wars collectible, both from die-hard collectors in the Star Wars community and outside as well. It is perceived to be unbelievably rare and therefore warrants higher than average prices. The original mint boxed Yak Face holds the record for one of the most expensive collectors Star Wars figure reaching prices of $3000

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