This is Tim's new site where you can buy his ebook "CONTINUUM" -
The 'Star Wars' Phenomenon As Experienced From The Inside"
. Have you ever wondered what it was really like to be a featured artiste in 'Star Wars' Episode VI - 'Return Of The Jedi', one of the biggest grossing movies of all time? Or to be an autograph guest at worldwide fan Conventions? Well, now you can discover it all! Features Tim (Tik) & Sean (Tok) throughout. All the way from 1982 to 2008!

This is the home site of Tim Dry, where he takes you on an amazing journey through life as he sees it through the lens of his camera then using state of the art computer software, he makes images that are truly amazing.........

This is where you can meet, talk to, share experiences with other Tik and Tok fans about everything T&T plus all other aspects and areas of electronic music in general......

Official site of Gary Numan, updates and news from the Godfather of Electronica himself, also an on-line shop where you can purchase official merchandise and back catalogue albums.......

This is the official home for all Star Wars information concerning the movies, memorabilia, actors / characters and conventions world wide....

This is Tik and Tok's favourite Numan fan site. Well laid out with great graphics.And a good link to purchasing the 'Slightly Deranged' CD EP too! Well worth a visit.

The official site of song writing / production team who recently have been working on the new Tik and Tok material...... Checkout their website, they are working on some great stuff at the moment with new addition to their team Laura Cygnik

The Theartre of........ Amazing site letting you in on everything this talented man and performer has ever done and is doing still......

BARBIE WILDE is her Official Website.
Actress, Mime Artist, Dancer, Singer, Writer.. You'll find some rare photo's, including some with Tik and Tok from early 80's

The Official site of Georg Kajanus, ex Sailor and writing partner of Tim Dry in NOIR. A truely gifted song writer and performer, you must check out this site..................

This Gary Numan dedicated site by long time fan Nigel is second to none on the net. From the excellent picture galleries that contain pics from every year of Gary's career through information sections and what must be the biggest collection of Bootleg recordings of one artist I've ever seen.
Nigels collection of Gary Numan gigs which come now on DVD and are excellent quality both visual and were the audio is concerned..........Check it all Out.....