It's very difficult to describe exactly how this man has touched my heart so much, but it's very easy to say why .... His kindness and inspiration has been a priceless gift I've been allowed to share since we first made contact. For being there when I needed only a few words to see me through difficult times and beyond .... His trust, which to me I will cherish, Bless you mate never forget....you deserve everything you get..



For your original contribution to this amazing ride that seemed to have slowly disappeared into the echoes of time, but then, showing amazing courage, deciding to give it another chance. You have made a lot of people very happy on your return, and I'm certain that both of you now re-united again as Tikky & Tokky will, as it should have always been, claim your slice of music history. while at the same time showing today's mixture of industry bred clone's what entertainning is supposed to be all about...... for this mate..... I salute you.

Tik and Tok will always be available for people to see, hear and discuss as long as I'm able to use a PC. Future generations should have the chance to witness such a great legacy first hand. For this and many other reasons, I pledge to every T&T fan out there, old and new, and those who will come to us in the future, that I will always give 110% to this site and our fanforum, to make sure all news is current, regularly change and update the content of both audio and video, plus photos in the galleries. If for any reason whatsoever you do not feel that this is being achieved, or you have any suggestions or even ideas for the site itself, then please feel free to mail me...

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