1…OK fellow's, 'DREAM ORPHANS' - this is a cool title, but how did it come about to be title of the album then ?

Originally the album was to be called 'Deranged' but after two years in the making the mood and feel of the album
changed and the title 'DREAM ORPHANS' reflected the air of ambiguity that the album has.

2… Intolerance had a musician's credits list anyone would be proud of, have you used any musicians or had any guest appearances this time round ?

Not in the same way as before. We have 2 girls doing some whispery and spacey vocals here and there but we're using them more as another instrument rather than singers. Tikky tried out his Roland guitar synth for the first time on the first track of the album. That was a new experience in sound! Of course the re-mixers / co-producers added some new sounds of their own to the tracks they worked on.

3…There's a hint of some older material in a few numbers, mainly 'Time4us', is this sort of a transitional track from 84 to 07 for fans just re - discovering you again? And how are you going to go about taking your place again ?

Most of the songs have a reference to the past - some sneaky and some obvious for no reason apart from we just did it on a whim. Time 4us was one of the earlier tracks we put down which Pete and Geoff re arranged adding some lovely big synth cords. We wanted an early electro feel from the 80's with a simple chorus ,nothing too busy or clever - a lads and ladettes anthem. Regarding taking our place again we are working on that one.

4…It's fair to say the writing credits on the last album except covers were all Tik, has this album been more of a Tik and Tok thing, bringing ideas to the table or do they actually unfold once you two are together ?

This is very much a joint Tik and Tok album. Dream Orphans has been total Tik and Tok indulgence and is very pure reflecting our personalities over the months / years. There is no story, just a little bit of this and that and maybe some more of that and so on. Everything we like has gone into the melting pot. Because a large part of the albums tracks started off in hotel rooms around the world (thanks to Star Wars) our inspirations were different every time, producing the eclectic collection. After the initial inspiration from both of us Tikky refines it adding more stuff for me to mess up, then Tikky refines it again and so on.

5…You were always immaculate to look at, were you worried at all that after 23 years or so you might not be as photogenic as you were back then?

Oh yes and don't I know it being a second rate Pierce Brosnan look alike on a good day and a 70's football player meets a large plate of chips on a bad day. Whereas Tikky has gained a rather splendid villains character face. In an ideal world we would ban all images of us and any one caught with one would be flogged. But luckily Photoshop is our saviour.

6…How do you come up with ideas such as the new creatures with rubber faces, do you see the masks and go from there or is it an idea you think of them find the appropriate costumes?

We are still looking for the costumes.Yes, we always try and seek out an unusual mask or two and then see what comes out of our imagination when we put them on. That's the way we've always worked. We like our black suits very much too, they give us a nicely defined silhouette on stage.

7…Do you think the input from producers (i.e. Geoff and Pete of Alien 6 and Jules from The Sepia) who are from current scene brought your music up to date, or as with Intolerance, do you think the music you are currently writing will again be timeless?

'Dream Orphans' doesn't reflect today's popular taste so we feel this will give it a longer life.

8…Will we be getting Intolerance II this time around and is there or has there ever been a second movement to Intolerance?

There was an unfortunate second movement to Intolerance, and it happened one night in 1984 at Guerilla Studios after far too many pistachio nuts and Gefilte fish balls. Ha, talk about a huge download! You'll be getting ‘Intolerance V' this time around.

9…A question asked by quite a few fans, this will not be another brief visit and then album three in 2027 will it, basically, will you still be writing new material with the view to releasing your third album in a year or two if this one does OK?

One day at a time

10… What are the main changes in the business itself do you think this time round, and are they a good thing or a bad thing maybe?

The people are the same but the technology is every schoolboy's wet dream. Record Companies have been severely shaken up by the advent of the Internet and the whole download explosion. And that can only be good for artists.

11… Are you surprised in anyway to the following Electronic music still has?

Hell no, give us Electronic music over rap or r&b any day.

12… Was the release of your very early material before Christmas an in sight into exactly what we can expect from the new album, as you have said on a number of occasions that we should not expect pop geared material or an ambitious assault on the UK singles charts?

We released the CDs to finance the production of ‘Dream Orphans' so all those who bought their copies have made the album a reality - thank you - and the left over has gone on a take away!

13… Obviously T&T have always been a visual experience, but tell just exactly how it felt or feels rather performing to a crowd once again as Tik and Tok?

Tokky: I am the most self-critical beast. I always see fault in any performance.

Tikky: I love it but am still worried by all the things that can go wrong once you're out there in front of people.
We would rather be enigmatic and make strange videos like Yello or other acts that don't allow you to see everything.

14… If you progress to a full show, which I'm sure will happen sooner rather than later, have you still plans to have a band behind you as you always said you would have liked back in the 80's if you had carried on?

The enormous costs and organization involved in having a live band is not an area that Tik & Tok Mark II see as appropriate. But these days, with portable technology, who knows what we could come up with visually?

15…So what next for Tik and Tok, will there be any promotion for Dream Orphan's, and if so, have you anything in the pipe line or will it be a surprise when it happens?

It's always a surprise when it happens!

Thanks again boys, and I promise you'll have more questions to answer very soon, thanks to the people who sent the questions in, but remember you can send as many as you like, so keep them coming, and keep your eyes peeled for "DREAM ORPHANS" as the time is approaching fast. Till next time I thank each and everyone of you out there...


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