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From : 01 / 01 / 2005

Upto : 31.12.2005


Current News Section


Customer Service conditions became a little cramped in Tokky's basement

after the release of the Slightly Deranged EP


Tik and Tok EP 'Slightly Deranged' 4 track out now!



Can I take this chance to wish every Tik and Tok fan everywhere
a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year....
Plus for the support and encouragement over the past 2
years as we stand on the verge of everything we've worked
towards taking off from January 2006....What a year 2006 will be.
I'd also like to thank Tik and Tok themselves for once again giving
us their all and sharing with us their talent....
We'll always be behind you boys, all the way...




Tik and Tok are very proud to announce that from now on all their publicity

will be handled by Dome Brothers PR. This is a brand new company formed

by the famous and pointy Ronnie and Reggie

to cater to our boys needs and desires (well the legal ones anyway).

Website coming soon. Peel those eyes!



The Boys will be appearing at the Colchester Collectors Fair

in deepest, darkest Essex on January 29th 2006.

Despite what their site currently says.

Be there or be a funny shape. We will have signed CDs to sell you.

Click here for more info.





Tim Dry (Tikky) autobiography "Falling Upwards"

available NOW!

Click here for more info.



'Slightly Deranged' 4 track Tik and Tok EP out for Christmas!!!!

Click here for more info.


Check out the new great Official Website of the great Barbie Wilde....

Visit Now


I'd like to announce that the Live Chat room is open for business,
it will be 24 / 7 and you can chat to any fan who's in there at the time.
On pre-arranged times, which we'll announce in advance for you all,
Tik and Tok will be there to chat with everyone.....
We hope to have Ron and Reg popping in fro time to time as well....

Go there now



Thank you everyone for joining in on our forum Click Here
It's proving to be a great success and if you have any suggestions,
just drop me a line ........ Mailbox



Congratulations to Gary & Gemma from all of us from here at
Tik and Tok land on the arrival of their second daughter yesterday




There is now a Tik & Tok Forum where you can leave your comments,

chat with each other and lots more. Cool huh?

Click here to join



Well, Tik and Tok came back from an autograph convention in
Holland last nigh
t and we thought you'd like to see some pics from the event.

Please click here to have a look



September the 19th sees the 2nd year on line for us and what a
surprise we have in store for you all! I'll tell you more nearer
the time, but it's going to be great, so keep checking......



An excellent interview with Tokky July 2005 and with Tik & Tok
August 2005, are now online for you to read.

Read Now


Plus for any of you interested in Duran Duran, Steve Mailins
has a new book dedicated to the group released next month
entitled "Notorious" Steve interviewed T&T while researching
the book. Find out more

Click Here to order


Just a few technical problems please stay tuned!


As promised, the ALIEN 6 interview

Read it Now

Plus for those of you interested in collecting Tik and Tok's back catalogue might be interested in the links below.

Summer In The City (1984 Japanese 2-track promo

* sample vinyl 7" single including Screen Me I'm Yours,

* picture insert with lyrics on reverse 7Y0065)

* STL 8.00 / £ 8.00

Cool Running (1983 UK 3-track 7" picture disc

including Original TNT Mix & Vile Bodies SURP016)

STL 4.99 / £ 4.99

On the home front, the boys are preparing songs to send to record companies
so keep everything crossed and let's hope to have some exciting news next time..

Also coming soon I have an interview with Alien6 Geoff & Peter, who
were very open and honest about their involvement with the current project
the future and their past involvement with Gary Numan... So watch out for that.

Thank you all for sticking with us, believe me it will be worth it.



Boys are back in the UK now safe and well but a bit jet lagged

But they still had time to share the first photos of their trip.
Plus first live picture.......

Gallery 3


Ronnie and Reggie made a sudden and unexpected
visit to downtown Tokyo the other night. Luckily someone managed to
take a picture of them and a delighted Geisha Girl!

Our live performance went down a storm too.
Love T &T.



News just in from Tikky, he's just had the most insane
experience of his life..... EARTHQUAKE.... Just a mild one
and the boys are fine, 2 days to the gig and counting...

Plus some brand new pictures now in Gallery 3


Well, the great news this week is that our boys are taking the big step towards
total return by performing their first live gig as TIK & TOK since October 1984
on 23rd June. The event will take place in Japan, Tokyo Uni, and they will be playing
a selection of new songs that hopefully we'll be lucky enough to see for ourselves
in the near future. This is an amazing time, considering less than 2 years ago
we only had our memories of the boys to look forward to, now we have the real thing.
Tikky and Tokky will give us the run down on the trip and the gig when they return.
The trip is also part of a Star Wars Convention event so plenty photo's and news
for us all on their return.... Full circle we go, as all the long standing fans will remember
that back in 1982, everything took off after a successful trip to Japan....




Just a couple of updates to mention so far this month

Any of you out there interested in Star Wars, check out the Star Wars link, it's looking rather cool these days....


The guys who are behind the new sound and direction of T&T
have updated their own website.....check it out now.....

sister site updated to


22nd April

It's been quite silent on the update front but it's still all go behind
the scenes, as the boys try to fit all their commitments into
everything else that is going on in their lives. The writing of new
material is going very well, and you can read how Vile Bodies 2005
is coming along by visiting

where Geoff explains how things are coming along.....

There will be a new interview posted here within the next couple of days
and in the mean time, have you checked out the Star Wars section.
This will be a permanent feature and will hopefully grow in the future.

So keep your eyes peeled for interview coming very soon...

Plus for now, the audio section is off line while a redesign happens.
be back for you very soon....Thank you


11th March

Latest on "Star Wars" conventions that Tikky & Tokky
will be appearing at, were they will glady meet, sign items
and have a quick chat to all Tik and Tok fans old and new
are as follows.............

Birmingham N.E.C. Saturday April 2nd & Sunday April 3rd

Weston Super Mare on Saturday 16th April.........

Don't forget to send us any pictures you take on the day


9th March

Try checking out the latest news update concerning the
boys behind the new sounding Tik And Tok... Geoff and Pete

Geoff briefly explains how the project is going at their end..........

7th March

Today saw our number of visitors pass 10,000 since Sept 2003
I'd like to say thank you personally for all your constant support,
and as we approach the next era of T&T, I know you will all be
right behind the boys and you wont be disappointed.......

Also can we all say happy birthday to GARY NUMAN for tomorrow
8th March........


4th March

Bit by bit the recreation of Tik and Tok is happening, as we
see from our new homepage......The new look image of the boys
is something special....They still look great

4th February


Tik and Tok have started making music with the very capable assistance of two talented musicians GEOFF PINCKNEY and PETE STEER (veterans of bands Glasshouse, The Nine and Alien6 13 amongst others). The first fruit of this new collaboration is a completely new version of the T&T fave "VILE BODIES". Tikky says: "This is powerful stuff. Edgy and dark. For me personally it's exactly what Tik and Tok should sound like in 2005. There will be lots more to come but it's going to take time to find the right kind of record deal for us."

Keep your eyes peeled for more news and developments as they happen...

Plus now on-line FEBRUARY INTERVIEW read it now


4th January

First on the Tik & Tok calendar for this new year will be
Tikky's birthday on the 9th January....
Send Tikky your greetings on Message Board now....

Thanx to the brilliant website

The Blitz Kids

For the above photograpgh keep them coming
as they are always wanted and a rare
chance for everybody to see
a quick glimpse at the past