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Current News Section

The December Interview is now online and I must admit that " Tikky " answers questions with such honesty, something you can always expect from him as in the past. Maybe as excited fans we were expecting to much to soon, and we got to admire their courage to want to move forward and give us all something new, when they could have easily jumped on the "band wagon" like most of the acts from their era have.

So I'm sure if we remain paitent for a bit longer we will be blessed with material that, most importantly, T&T are happy with and not material they have hurried or felt pressurised into releasing..

So lets all wish them both a Merry Xmas and a Createful New Year and be happy with the knowledge that, this time last year T&T were just a memory to cherish and in 2005 that memory will turn into reality once more....

But in the meantime a new dedicated T&T section has come online on


The site that covers the 8 acts that were signed to Gary Numan's Numa label between 1984 - 1987 owned, built and maintained by my good friend Karl J Sherlock from USA the T&T section was co-wrote by "Tikky" and a few bits and pieces thrown in from myself... Check it out....

Finally, I'd like to wish each and every one of you out there all the best for the coming holidays...and for your continual support as we move into another new year on line....

For this I thank you..

See you all in 2005



"Tik and Tok unveil their new image for 2005"

click here


Sounds like the Star Wars Convention in Birmingham went off great
and thanks again to Barry G who attended and sent us the most recent pics of the lads we got.... See for yourself



Tokky's first interview (including pictures) is now ready for your reading, you'll soon work out that Tokky, just like Tikky, has a great sense of humour.
Tokky Interview

We now need questions for the December Interview... for either Tikky or Tokky or to them both, whichever, get them in quick as you can....

We would like to say thank you to everyone for their support and patients during this quite spell... The boys are working very hard and have very little spare time at the moment..... but hey!! I think it will be worth it...


Let's all sing happy birthday to Tokky for tomorrow 13th Nov......

Best wishes mate


Although things are quiet at the moment with Tik and Tok, the boys will be signing STAR WARS autographs at

NEC in Birmingham on the 27th and 28th of November.

So if any of you fans in that area want to come along and meet the dynamic duo feel free!T&T will sign whatever you bring along and have always got time for a quick chat.

Further details of the event can be found at:


Well.... They decided to leave the interview with the boys out of the programme.... Hey That's Showbiz....


Well Jason Peacock calculated right and it's now confirmed that the episode of Liquid Assets "Duran Duran's Millions" will be screened at 8pm Sunday 17th October..... See Tik & Tok being interviewed on the programme...... or as case was

Another little soundbite from
TIK & TOK. 23.9.04

Please don't expect some kind of '80's' revival thing from us. We will not be trying to look or dress like we did back in the day. There will be no fake hair or squeezing into our 'Vile Bodies' costumes. No Robots or Summers In The City. What we want to do this time round is to get back to where we started as an abstract and surreal duo that make unusual music. We're very excited about this, as in many ways it's what we do best. If you think about 'Crisis', 'Cracking Up', 'Psych-Out' 'Theme from the Dome Bros' and 'Soulless Synthetic Heartsteps' you'll have an idea of where we're going to be coming from. Again.

It's going to take time to get all this together. So please be patient and vigilant and await the ongoing saga that is and will always be

TIK and TOK.

Also, for those of you waiting for a TIK & TOK DVD. We've realised that to get clearance for TV clips etc is going to be very difficult (to say the least) from the 4 Terrestrial channels that we appeared on. But we will endeavour to put something together that will satisfy your appetites. We know it's been a long time coming. But hey, what's a 20 year lunchbreak amongst friends?

We were in STAR WARS Episode VI "Return Of The Jedi". How long did it take for that to come out on widesceen DVD?

Love to you all

T&T 2004

September 2004


Spank Me





Plus a Few Extras For You

Tim & Sean are booked to return to the USA at the end of OCTOBER 2004
to attend another Star Wars convention.... I'll post details as they come in.....

Plus I hope you are watching the press
for the Liquid Assets program appearence
which should be in the next 8 weeks or so....... The one about DURAN DURAN.
We'll post the times here, as and when we get them......

Anybody that's into STAR WARS, then this is for you...

Tik and Tok have been in the USA, attending another convention
for The Return of The Jedi, in which they both played a couple of parts..
They have attended conventions across the globe as the demand for
anything Star Wars is still, and will be for a long time yet, very
popular....with fans old and new attending more and more of the conventions.

See for Yourself


Due to circumstances and events that you'll hear about very soon.... you might come across the site looking different or find a section you normally visit not there, or un-available, well..... don't panic.....

We will be taking on a new look, feel and vibe in the coming weeks....

Keep checking here for more news.... but the time is close....... so get ready....


The Rephlex

Check out what The Rephlex have to say about The Boys

Click on their name above and then on Tik and Tok.......

Also we'd like to thank you all for your continued support as our

hits passed 6000 tonight.....keep it coming......


Following a few requests on our guestbook
Big thank you to Mark Beetham for sending in some live pictures of the boys performing on stage Blackpool Winter Gardens during Warriors 1983

Find them at Gallery 2 Click
These were taken by Mark from the crowd


" For the first time in 20 years Tik & Tok "

(aka Tim Dry & Sean Crawford)) were interviewed together on the 5th of July 2004 as part of a BBC series called "Liquid Assets". This show goes out on BBC 1 after the Jonathan Ross show on a Friday night and will be broadcast sometime in the next 3 to 5 months. This particular episode deals with Duran Duran and the dynamic duo were interviewed about their involvement with the Durannies back in in '82, when they supported them at Birmingham Odeon for two nights and also their guest appearance at Nick Rhodes' legendary wedding reception at the Savoy Hotel in London in the summer of the same year."

Keep watching this space and we will keep you posted with any airtimes etc as soon as we hear anything. These things sometimes never run to what you are told, but rest assured we wont let you miss such an occassion....


Tim answers the questions we've all been wanting to ask,

1... Info on Forthcoming DVD
2... Release of VileBodies (2004) as a possible single
3... Tim's favourite Gary Numan tracks

And one of the Questions asks Tim,
If a screen play of his autobiography was being filmed, who would like to play Tim Dry.... Being his modest self he put's the Question back...
Who Would You Suggest....?

So .. Who could play the part of TIM DRY in a screen play of "Falling Upwards"
Send me your answers MAILBOX

Plus so much more........ So READ


Plus Quick Bio 5 is online
10 Things You Would Like To See Happen
was Tim's Challange for Quick Bio 5 - Find out if He Succeed

READ and enjoy now


Sorry if anyone has had bother getting access to the site. Even Tim and I couldn't gain access, these so called server problems seem to be getting more regular. Ive found a new home for the site and it's just down to the old contract signing and red tape before the task of packing our bags and moving from this server to a much faster and better
(I hope) but it won't effect the regular visitor as I'm assured by the new host that these things are quick and painless.....We will wait and see but I'll keep you posted....


Finally tracked down, with help of a fan, an amazing online music shop that stocks everything you would want.... Vinyl and CD

The New EP Is Available Right Now At


Check Out This Store Now

If You Already Got The New EP - Tell Us What You Thought

Could Have Your Review Posted For Everyone To Read

Plus Check Back Here In 4 to 5 Days for a Full Update

Plus a Little Surprise or 2 Maybe


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Nigel from Gary site Dead-Heaven has a collection of pictures covering "SHOCK" + TIK N TOK + Pleasure and the Beast and some of the incredible and loverly Barbie Wilde. Also have a few shots of our man Tim looking as striking as ever......Nigel decided to post them to give you all a chance to see them for yourselves. Its a good job people like Nigel keep all their photos and press cuttings in good condition...Otherwise we would miss out on certain things that would be lost forever....I dont know if this is going to be a permanent thing or like a timed event so if you want to check them out click



Well, the E.P. has been out now for nearly 10 days, and I still haven't got mine yet.

Have any of you got a copy yet, I know it retails at £4.99 - shows you how long it has been since I bought a record, I was expecting about £2.99 tops....

My main trouble is not only have I not bought a record for a long time, but I never noticed that record stores don't do vinyl anymore.... OK, told specialist shops carry vinyl. Town were I live has total of none.

Thanks for your questions for Interviewing Tim and the Quick Bio section.

I will be sending the chosen questions to Tim soon and hope he can find a little slot in his busy schedule to answer them....


Back in 2000 when Tim decided it was time Intolerance was made available on CD, thus entering the studio with the great Jules Setfert, from the great band The Sepia (you must check out their new web-site, it's brilliant), who remastered Intolerance with Tim, everything Tim had was given the digital touch...including tracks which there wasn't enough room for on the original CD release....Tracks such as A Date with the Palm Sisters, The Garden, and Robot Music (Full Length Version) plus some unreleased 4 track demos, remain on a shelf in Tim's studio and Tim feels they would be much better re-packaged in the form of another albums worth of material, possible title "Intolerance 2".. This would answer the forever asked question of what happened too, or was there ever an Intolerance 2....
Also to add even more excitement to such an album, Tim is considering re-recording the Winner of the top five favourite songs of all time winner "VILE BODIES".... This to me would be the song of all songs, considering the original song and how it touched us all, then add 20 years of experience Tim has aquirred in his life as a musician and writer, mixed with his current excellent song writing (industrial/dark/goth) and...well...there's no need to say we will be priviledged to something that will be something really special and a gift from a man who we all love and still respect, and will carry on doing so for years to come.....
Plus the new "Vile Bodies" would be a song that could hold it's own up against any of the songs released and seen on any of the channels that play this type of music.... Hey Gary made it on the Kerrang charts, so there's no reason why Tim Dry and Vile Bodies couldn't do the same with our support....Tim's current material, which he will be previewing to Independant record companies in the near future, I'm sure will break new ground for him and if you still haven't checked it out (shame on you) do so now by clicking


Tim has landed a role in a German Horror movie called "Walpurgis" which begins filming in Bavaria at the end of this year and maybe into January of next. It's kind of like "Sleepy Hollow" but with crazed Witches riding scythes who terrorise an innocent community of Townspeople by kidnapping babies and doing all sorts of ghastly cinematic stuff! The guy who's directing it was a producer on the Ford Fiesta ad Tim did back in '88 as The Head Devil and that's how he was offered the part...We shall keep you posted as and when news on this project comes through....


In my forever quest to keep alive the legacy TIK AND TOK created, Ive been searching through Gary Numan fan sites and speaking to people on forums etc...Hey some name calling goes on in these places I can say.... but the results have been promising so far concerning the boys...Fans of old and fans that became Numanoids post 1983 have shown a keen interest in finding out more information.... If you are one of these new visitors, on behalf of us all in here, can I say hello and thank you for your interest...No name calling here though mind you...We are all one big TIK & TOK family....Enjoy





Sorry about the long wait for any updates to the site, but over the next week or so there will be quite a few, as Ive been working on different sections over the last few weeks, so keep your eyes on this page for news on future updates....

First thing must be the release of the Tik and Tok EP which is being released on the 14th June on The Rephlex label....Click link above to read the full story....
Also by click on this link you can read about the forth coming TnT DVD plus the possible INTOLERANCE 2.... which could include something really special...check it out



Please be advised that following 2 days of showing
site cannot be found
, our URL's

are back on-line and working fine....


Great to see Tim back up and running and now in possession with all the tools and equipment needed to produce the Tik and Tok DVD....So watch this space for information on it's progress....




After weeks of computer problems and re-configuring new software etc.Tim has emerged poorer but wiser! His answers to the April Interview are here and also his replies to QuickBio 4. Enjoy!

22 - 4 - 2004



If you have ordered an Album on CD from Tim direct, he wanted me to assure you all that, due to problems at his end with his computer, totally unforseen and out of the blue, he is unable at this very moment to produce audio or artwork, thus unfortunately this includes the disc's ordered for Tik and Tok / Noir but he's well on top of the problem with his PC... and all orders will be forfilled within 10 to 14 days.... We appologise deeply for your wait concerning this matter and thank you for your on - going support.... The same problem is keeping us from bringing you April / May Interviewing Tim plus Quick Bio 4, but these things happen, and they will both be available as soon as possible.....

So again on behalf of Tim and myself

Thank You for your paitence and Support....

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09 - 4 - 2004

Can I wish everyone a happy Easter and I hope you enjoy the long weekend for whatever reasons you believe that Easter Time is with us....With Children in the house, I'm on the Chocolate trail....(ZIGGYxx)

06 - 4 - 2004

This month's Interviewing Tim and another Quick Bio, number 4 we are upto now will be posted very soon, Tim has had a very busy month and was in Germany for a Jedicon Convention last weekend which links me nicely to a novel little item featuring our two boys and merchandise from the Return of the Jedi movie....

Not many stars have models made in their image, well Tim and Sean can boast this fact...well...nearly in their own image....For all you that follow Star Wars and especially "Return of the Jedi" you can thank Paul, alias DJ Stix of the great Ju Ju Babies for the following pictures of our heros moulded in plastic immortalised be manhandled by children and cherished by collectors all around the globe....

See the Boys Made Of Plastic

"" Discover "" the 18 track re-mastered CD " Intolerance " Best of Tik and Tok 1982 - 1984
Just like Sarah and Gavin have recently....

Plus Lady Rae (Sarah), if your town is that sleepy, Intolerance is to be taken from it's wrapping as soon as it arrives on your door mat...inserted in the car CD player and the responce from your speakers needs to be at a good volume, a volume just to loud for the old residents and a level that will make the doors of your car pound to the beat of Tik and Tok, windows the main streets....and spread the word....
Unlike the original album, the CD version of Intolerance comes with extra tracks such as Down From the Sky, Cracking Up, Psych Out and a previously unheard and unreleased track Days of Glass....all, can I add, are great songs to have belting out your car stereo while crusing the streets of your hometown....that should wake them up I think

If you are still one of the few fans without Intolerance on CD then you need to click here

Can I Please
Order Intolerance

02 - 4 - 2004

Another Month has passed us by where did March go then exactly....

Any of you out there get caught by an April Fool's prank.....? I stayed in bed till after mid-day so I couldn't get caught....


30 - 3 - 2004

No More News yet on the EP - CD, so I'm presuming that everything will still be on a green light for release

before the Summer 2004 - We'll keep you informed right here.....

28 - 3 - 2004

Top 5 song poll - Voting Now Closed - CHECK RESULTS

Dangerous and Unaffraid audio clip added - more to follow soon

14 - 3 - 2004

Please find for your enjoyment REVIEWS / VIEWS a new section which I hope we can develop into something special over the coming months....2 great reviews to start us off

8 - 3 - 2004


6 - 3 - 2004

Updated Fan Pictures pages now posted. Please click: From The Fans

Also, exciting news from Tim. He tells me that he will personally be putting together a DVD of all the Tik & Tok footage in his posession, and some Shock stuff too! Tim will give us an introduction on Digi Cam explaining when,where and how.

He'll also do all the artwork and packaging and it will be available to purchase from his own website in the near future.

When it's ready you'll hear about it right here on this page!

O4 . 03 . 2004

The March interview with Tim is now posted. Click this link to read what The Man has to say this month Interviewing Tim

Also check out Quick Bio 3 now online for your pleasure and amusement!

Also thank you to Frank Macari of Ediunburgh

for sending in some video footage of the boys in rehearsals (Excellent stuff Frank Cheers)

03 - 03 - 2004

I had a thought the other day as to what are my top 5 songs by TnT....then wondered about other fans and what their choices would for a bit of fun we'll find out.....Over the next few months visitors are invited to submit their top 5 songs that Tik and Tok ever, and so on to 5.....After a few months or so I'll workout the actual percentages and post the results here for you all to get you in the swing here is my top 5 songs

1.. Vile Bodies

2.. Cracking Up

3.. Down From the Sky

4.. Psych-Out At The Dunheadin Masked Ball

5.. Cool Running (Original Mix)

I've got a feeling that "Vile Bodies" might be the out right winner, but you never know....We'll wait and come on get listening to "Intolerance" and will be hard...but you can do it....

Then send your choices to

I'll keep everyone posted on the progress of the poll in future updates....

Thank you

Another message from Tim Dry on 19.2.04

From reading the guestbook entries and from received e-mails, I get the impression that some of you think that this site is run by and maintained by Tik & Tok, and that we are somehow still in existence. We're not! We haven't been since 1984. This site is here to commemorate and define what the two of us did back in the '80's, and to give all of you fans the info that maybe you never got back then.Unlike other acts from that era who were bands and played music and had hit records, we were something different. Our star shone brightly for a brief while and was gone. Personally speaking, I would love to do it again and to do it right. But, as you know it takes two to Tango, and as one of us doesn't want to dance anymore, the chances of a reunion are slim to say the least. So, in answer to those questions of: new shows, new records etc. the answer is NO. What you've got is what you get. My role is to assist Ziggy in displaying information for you in a way that you've never had before. I love you all very much, and I shall give you what I can. But there will be no Second Coming for Tik & Tok as a living breathing entity. I offer you the chance to purchase unheard and /or re-mastered Tik & Tok tracks on the forthcoming CD EP on the Rephlex label later on this year. In the meantime, let's share our golden moments and cherish what we were. Who knows, if enough of you buy the Rephlex released Tik & Tok CD EP, I might be able to bludgeon Sean into acceptance. But please don't hold your breath. Love to you all.

Tim x

16 - 02 - 2004

Personal message from Tim Dry:

Speaking on behalf of Sean (Tokky) and myself as TIK & TOK back then, I need to make something very clear. Back in '84 a l guy named CHRIS HUGHES put together 2 issues of a fanzine called "TEK" for the two of us. This was a labour of love (just as is Ziggy's work on this website today) undertaken by this man, and he did something wonderful and innovative. We were so pleased and excited by his endeavours, and endorsed his enthusiasm wholeheartedly. Unfortunately we were misled by another individual who promised us things that never materialised, and by then we'd blown our connection with "Tek".

Chris, I am so very sorry that we were misguided and therefore let you down. I hope the following "TEK" pages will vindicate you and your creative belief in the two of us wherever and whatever you are now.

All content of "TEK" pages generated by Chris Hughes (c) 1984/5.


As you will have noticed the site has just had a total re - vamp and now just looks a sexy as it could ever be... Thank you for this Tim... You are a star my friend...

Plus we now have Tek 1 and Tek 2 online for you all to read and bring back some old memories..

11 - 02 - 2004

Gary's Mention

Well I'd like to say a huge big thank you to Gary Numan for mentioning our site in his second update of the month... and also say a big hello to all the new visitors that have came here because of the link posted by Gary... We hope you enjoy your Tik and Tok experience and become a regular part of our ever growing family of fans who already enjoy everything we have for your entertainment here...

Been working hard on this side of things.... trying to come up with things people are hopefully interested in.... Click Tim's Quick Bio which will compliment the Interviewing Tim section as to the fact the new Tim's Quick Bio will deal with and ask the questions that concern Tim as a person and not as Tik or a member of "Shock", just a man called Tim. Questions like favourite colour, favourite time of the day, which TV programs he watches, Magazines he reads etc etc....

Can I say now, if Tim's answers to these questions, fired at him, are as good and as funny as the first ones, I've now got ready to go up, well, we are in for a treat in the months to come.......

Thank you Tim for being so honest, interesting and passionate about everything...

Can anyone remember the FanZine "TEK" ..... well yet again Jason Peacock has provided us with a rare chance to view the FanZine he has kept since 1984...I think there was only 2 issues possibly only 1.. someone can put me right on that one... anyway you can see it in the From The Fans section, along with another photo and a magazine article, also sent in by J.P.

If there were any more issues of "TEK" and you happen to have them...scan them and send them to us and we'll put them on the site.

Also from J.P. my first Tik and Tok badge..... thank you Jason for everything

Check out the latest update on the wait is nearly over folks... The Tik and Tok EP CD now has an official catalogue number CAT 148-EP and it's release date, although still unknown, is sooner rather than later....So get ready for the future, cos things are about to take off

I'd like to say congratulations to Jason Peacock and his wife on their new arrival of a Baby Boy... Well done and best wishes from all of us here....Get him in to Tik and Tok as soon as possible mate and thank you very much for all your efforts concerning the amount of stuff you have scanned and sent in cheers....

06 - 02 - 2004


The new EP - CD is still on course for a release before the summer and that's straight from the horses mouth, so we'll still have that to look forward too.....I'll keep you posted with news as and when we get it.


Plus something you'll all be interested in..... I've received a copy of Tim Dry's video for his massive song "DESTRUCTION", so watch this space as Tim has given his permission for us to sample the video here on the site......Will be here for you in a day or so.......................

24 - 01 - 2004

Still no news on the forthcoming EP - CD

At the time of writing this, my E:Mails have gone un-answered over last couple of weeks but that counts for nothing in this business, so all hope is still strong for it's sooner rather than later release. In fact if you are interested and would consider buying it, send me a blank email but put YES as the mail title. Hopefully I'd collect enough names and interested parties to pass on the number of possible sales if released in the near future. I'm hoping we can get in on the action and make it available through the web-site, so fans like yourselves will be able to get it mail order direct to your Hi-Fi. plus we can push the E.P. with more passion than any company could............. so fingers crossed........

So dont delay Email me today...Title:.YES

09 - 01 - 2004

Gary Numan also is playing live

Three UK gigs have been arranged for March 2004

March 3rd Nottingham Rock City
March 4th Cardiff Barfly
March 5th London Shepherds Bush Empire.

Tickets available at NuWorld

Drop me a mail if going to any of the above gigs

Tik and Tok Mailbox

06 - 01 - 2004


19th SEPTEMBER 2003


01 - 01 - 2004




9th January 2004


Watch this space for further info