Hi everyone, been a while but there are plans for the site over the coming months and also updates. Would love any pictures anyone took of the latest Gary Numan gig in Brixton which the boys attended, did you see them.... Also our chat forum is still alive, just so hopefully we can get people talking again and share more experiences from the boys....


Tik & Tok's 'Dream Orphans" CD now includes as a bonus

the 2005 dark and blistering version of "Vile Bodies".

Produced by Geoff Pinckney and Peter Steer from tenek!

£15 (inc. postage in the UK & Europe) £18 (inc. postage for the rest of the planet).

Purchase by PayPal only to:dynamobeat@yahoo.co.uk Enjoy!



'Intolerance 2 Mega'

Available now for the first timeas as a CD only album

containing a whopping 28 vintage TIK & TOK tracks!

Pretty much everything that we recorded and released from 1982 to 1984.

Plus the original 8 track demo of 'Cool Running' and our stage show 'Robot Music' (entire).

A massive bargain at only £15 (inc.UK postage)!

Purchase by PayPal only to:dynamobeat@yahoo.co.uk Enjoy!



The SHOCK DVD/CD is still available to buy! It's a collector's item. Info and pricing etc can be found by clicking here


If you want to see what Tim and Sean are up to Star Wars Convention wise you can see all by clicking here


Check out the TIK & TOK OFFICIAL FaceBook page here.


'Dream Orphans' CDs now sold out completely! No reprint.


Tim Dry's autobiography 'Falling Upwards - Scenes From A Life' now reissued by Bear Claw Books with a 20,000 word update. Available as a paperback and as a Kindle on Amazon.co.uk. Click on the cover for info.




Hi everyone, check out this footage Tim has put together.
Also if you want to see even more check out the link below the video window.






Hi there, well we'd like to take this chance to wish all T&T fans and friends a very happy Xmas and
a merry new year.....

The domain name saga is now resolved so there will be no more interuption to the website.

www.tikandtok.com and www.tikandtok.co.uk



Well with the gig approaching tomorrow night, I have seen some amazing pictures that are
used as promo pictures for TIMANDMO



Again, more TIMANDMO news for those of you lucky enough to live in or around the capital

Also check out and become friends with TIMANDMO at FACEBOOK Here you can keep track
of all their up and coming gigs..... I'm bias a little but honestly these guys are well worth
checking out... You will not be disappointed.


Well it's been quite a while, but we are still here.

Nothing really much happens these days concerning
the boys, but as some of you might know, Tim is still writing and recording and again gigging.

Hopefully over the coming months we can upgrade and add to this site as we now
have plenty room and more video and audio can be added where possible.

So thank you for all the support and keep coming here, and of course, check out



Tim ('Tikky') Dry has made his ebook

"CONTINUUM - The 'Star Wars' Phenomenon As Experienced From The Inside"

available to purchase now from Amazon.co.uk

Click on the link to find out more and get your copy.


And this is how the world ends thanks to 'Skynet'. Damn, we'd just opened in Las Vegas too!



TIM and SEAN (T&T of course!) will be signing autographs and Star Wars pictures at 'MEMORABILIA' at the NEC in Birmingham on the 28th and 29th of March.
So if you're in the neighbourhood come on down and meet the boys and get your stuff signed. They'll have a few CDs to sell you too!



Hey all you T&T fans out there, a good friend of T&T and myself plus a member of our fan forum needs your help. The extract below was left on the fan forum by Steve of the superb TOURING PRINCIPLE site.

" I'm in the process of producing a full colour hard back book entitled 'Backstage'.
This publication will hopefully be available worldwide by mid-2009 and is going to be a behind the scenes look at Gary Numan's career between 1979 and 1981. Interviews with many of the people involved around this period will be published together with some before now unseen images and documentation. I've done an interview with Tim
about their time with Gary,what I need is fan photos of Shock before and at Wembley 8

If anyone can help please email Steve @



Well as 2009 begins, I urge you Myspace users to check out the link


Back to basics music, with a must keep playing feel..



Well, as everyone knows, TIK aka, TIM DRY has a successful solo music carrer outside TIK & TOK,
and he has worked with some of the best musicians and songwriters over the last two decades.

Something new for December 2008. This a song written by myself and Mo Blackford
(ex Ligotage and Nasa).It was recorded over four afternoons at my home studio and we
filmed the video in an hour and a half up on the roof of my flat! It's a song of hope
and optimism for those in need. Enjoy! TD xx

Watch this space



The past five months have been very quite on the T&T front.
We are well into the winter now and 2009 is just around the corner.
I'm sure you will all be rewarded for your kind support and friendship you
have shown to both Tim and Sean and myself.....

Thank you all



To many things have happened over the last 5 years that I would never have thought would happen when the project
for a website began in early 2003. All I can say is that, if the next 5 years is half as good as the last then I will be very happy.

Even though it's been very quite on this site and in T&T land for a while, there is light at the end of the tunnel
that is about to shine again. A few things are in the planning stage and the only place you'll find out about them is right here.

So I would like to thank each and every visitor over the last five years for tyour support and kindness
also to Sean Crawford for trying again, producing "DREAM ORPHANS" was well worth your return mate
but most of all my thanks, gratitude and love goes to great man, mentor and special friend that I have found
through this site, MR. TIM DRY. Thank you mate for everything....Love you always.



Here's a still from the clip that the BBC always show whenever there's a programme that mentions the 'New Romantics'. Here's Tik, Tok's head, bit of Robert Pereno and some of LA's blonde hair. In a London club after a show in 1980.



Some of you might be wondering how exactly did TIK & TOK create their new album 'Dream Orphans' at home? What did they use? Well, here's the answer! We are the 'Mac Men' and we're coming to town. Beep, beep! It's Tikky World 2008.



TD revamp to home page. Edgy! Got to keep pushing it...

All is quiet T&T wise at the moment, but no doubt there'll be something new for your pleasure this year.






After 23 years we reunited to bring you a new album -

'Dream Orphans'. And now we're off again on walkabout...

So long and thanks for all the fish! T&T 07 xx


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