"There's this good friend of Tom Sheehan's who used to work for another paper, who reckons that people like Tik and Tok should be lined up against a wall and flame-throwered to stop them polluting the minds of our innocent children. I think this may have something to do with people wearing make-up. Here's the matches, Monty."
Melody Maker review of "Cool Running" Oct.'83.

"Tik and Tok are what I'd call alternative, they're brilliant. They're really unusual people and how they see things is completely different. Yet they're the loveliest people in the world. If my Mum is struggling with a suitcase, one of them will be the first one in to help her out. These other people (Steve Strange etc) would be too busy doing their make-up to bother, and I hate that. Tik and Tok are the genuinly unusual people that the business needs more of. Not people that dress up and say"I'm different", because they're not. They're not different at all." Gary Numan - Coaster Fanzine '83.

"We've had people hiding under tables and running away from us" Tik confesses. But actually we're very normal. We do ordinary things just like other people. At the moment we're teaching our cats robotics." Doesn't everybody?" No.1 '83.

"One of my admirers says she's 36-22-34 and she signs her letters "Whippingly Yours" drools Tik with a wicked glint in his eye." I've written back saying that if she sends me a photo of her naked, I'll send back a picture of me in the nude. I'm still waiting for a reply!" Tik - Record Mirror Dec.'83.

"Effortlessly horrendous. That's all I can say" Morrissey reviewing "Screen Me" in Record Mirror 1984.

"It's important to have a stage name. You don't want people yelling Tim and Sean in the streets. Who wants to know George O'Dowd as opposed to Boy George?" Tok- Ms London '84.

"What did John Sebastian ever do to them (Tik and Tok) that they should treat one of his songs like this? The heart bleeds, the ears capitulate."NO MORE!" cries a lonely voice." Review of "Summer In The City"
Melody Maker. Sept. '82.

"You know how everybody uses girl backing singers" says Tik, "Well we'd like to use our two cats, but they'd be so uncontrollable. Two cats on Top Of The Pops would be great. On little leads with tiny microphones." Somehow I don't think even Tik and Tok would go that far. Or would they?" Chart Beat 1984.

"Pretentious drivel at its most yawn - inducing. A must for insomniacs."
Melody Maker review of "Intolerance" '84.

"The masters of tease and sleaze have come up with an album of epic proportions. 'Intolerance' is the next best thing to seeing the little devils live." Review of "Intolerance" in Record Mirror. 1984.

"I meet the robots again. "I'm Tik" says one, "and this is Tok". It all smacks of Alice in Wonderland, but they turn out to be flesh and blood guys who used to be members of music and dance troupe Shock, but now they specialise in robotic movements and make their own electronic music. What are they doing on a heavy metal TV special? "Well, we do have long hair, and we play imaginary synths. We're a bit like 'Mad Max 2' on ice," says Tok (or Tik)." Smash Hits 1982.

"See Tik and Tok in action and it's hard to tell if you're watching man or machine"
Birmingham Evening Mail '83.

"The tension vanished, the spell broke when the androgynous duo sang their single, Summer In The City, the old John Sebastian number. It was pleasant but a little wooden after 'robotics'. Tik, who looks like a fururistic Peter Cook sneered, Tok smiled prettily.Then they did something unexpected. They sang a song of their own which was really quite good. It was called Cool Running and went: 'We;ve been seen in a hundred places, weird clothes, weird faces" Or something like that. It was the last number, but they could have been on for twice as long without outstaying their welcome. Their hair, incidentally, was 'free form' " Evening Advertiser '83.

"One would have to be mind-crunchingly myopic, somnambulent or simply thick not to notice the angular elegance, the long flamingo-thin limbs bedecked in leather and velvet, the sculptured chalky features belonging to Tik and Tok, even somewhere as sartorially flash as King's Road, Chelsea." Video magazine 1983.

"Average Giorgio Moroder" NME review of "Cool Running" '83.

"Jerky electronic disco which'll get the robotic freaks twitching. It's mechanical and emotionless, fine for those who like that sort of thing, deadly dull for those of us who don't." No.1 review of "Cool Running" '83.

"We want to get into body bursting. We want to explode all over the stage." Tok - Record Mirror '83.

"If people say we look stupid, our automatic answer is: 'Yeah, but we get paid for it and you don't!"
Tik - Record Mirror '83.

"Tik and Tok were surprise hits on The Royal Variety Show even though they had to make a last - minute chauffeur - driven dash back from their Gary Numan support in Hemel Hempstead to meet the Queen.After they'd all compared white gloves, Sir Laurence Olivier told the pair he was a huge fan ( surely pulling their plonkers) while the Royal Ballet were falling over themselves to get autographs, phone numbers, inside leg measurements etc." Sounds.'83.

"Bizarre mime artists Tik and Tok - famous for their robot dancing and wearing metal spikes stuck to their shaven foreheads - say that they are going to be serious musicians from now on. They have just released a record, called Cool Running, which is slowly creeping its way into the charts." Mail on Sunday.Oct.'83.

"I'm really into head adornment at the moment - LEDs will be next!" Tok - Record Mirror.1982.

"I think we're incredibly unfashionable. We're out of time, but at the same time we're in time 'cos we're out of time!" Errh,sure..." Tik - Record Mirror.1982.

"Simple but effective song with a good catchy vocal melody over an inventive and completely electronic backing. Could be the one to establish them after their recent successes in the indie charts."
Music Week review of "Everything Will Change".1984.

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